Here for America Thanks Senators for Their Support on Legislation Introduced by Senator Corker
Here for America
Here for America Thanks Senators for Their Support for Legislation Introduced by Senator Corker
Here for America Thanks Senators for Their Support on Legislation Introduced by Senator Corker

June 14, 2018

Dear Senator Corker, Senator Alexander, Senator Flake, Senator Heitkamp, Senator Isakson, Senator Johnson, Senator Lee, Senator Moran, Senator Sasse, Senator Schatz, Senator Shaheen, Senator Toomey, Senator Van Hollen, and Senator Warner.

We greatly appreciate your decision to support legislation to require Congressional approval of national security related tariffs that could lead to unnecessary price increases for American consumers. Your action demonstrates your understanding of the key role industries, such as autos, play in the U.S. economy, as well as the proper role Congress has in setting trade policy in areas with crucial economic and security implications.

Today, 13 auto companies, headquartered here and around the globe, call the United States home. The U.S. auto sector is healthy because of open trade and investment policies that build and maintain strong relationships with our foreign allies and trading partners. Those relationships also mean expanded markets and export opportunities for American farmers, manufacturers and services. Your sponsorship underscores your commitment to keeping America strong in every manner.

Please find a Here for America Statement statement endorsing your legislative measure. We are committed to working with our automaker and supplier members to build further support for this legislation. We look forward to working with you on this legislation as well as additional efforts to combat the implementation of these damaging tariffs. It is crucial that we reach an outcome that will ensure the U.S. auto industry remains strong.


John Bozzella
President and CEO
Association of Global Automakers
Here for America Spokesman